Cross Town

I arrived at the Wild Mind Film Camp on a late summer night in July. It was too late and too dark to notice the idyllic beauty of the small town called Twisp, WA. But one thing I could see quite clearly was the 25-foot cross that stood atop one of Twisp's many mountains. It was lit up with enormous white bulbs, and was visible for several miles in any direction. After asking around, I found out that the cross has been a source of controversy for many years. On one side, the people who have lived there for decades look at it as a comforting symbol of their faith. On the other side, the "new world settlers" feel it doesn't represent their beliefs, and they don't think it's fair that they are subject to its heavy symbolism day after day. A simple icon in a town of less than 1000 people that stirs up so many different other words, the perfect topic for my short film assignment. All in all, it took about 10 days to complete. Hope you enjoy it.

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